Laser and Light Therapy
Laser and Light Therapy
When light is absorbed by the skin, it is converted to heat. If the light energy heats a desired target, such as melanin (sunspot), hemoglobin (blood vessel), or water (in cells), sufficient heat will destroy the target. This is the principle of light therapy.

Light therapy is delivered in the form of a single wavelength such as a laser, or as a broadband of multiple wavelengths such as Intense Pulse Light (IPL). Depending on the target tissue to be removed, the depth of the lesion, and the therapeutic objective, the appropriate light therapy is selected.

We are able to target small lesions such as a small blood vessel or sunspot, and usually remove it in one treatment. A photofacial, or the lunchtime peel, involves several treatments with the IPL. When fine lines and textural issues are the objective, we use a very specific laser that removes a very superficial layer, less than 20 microns, of the epidermis. This is the Friva “MicroPeel”.

While there are many different types of lasers available, many of which have been developed as a result of the need of medical device companies to offer more products, the important principle to remember is to match the light therapy to the skin lesion, and to coordinate the therapy with a complete skin care plan. This is the Friva way.